Screen Time

My semester of English 131 was an exciting and interesting journey. I learned many things from learning to craft a resume all the way to dissecting a peer’s essay. I learned the best in English 131 by putting away my phone and long writing. My thoughts would wander in complete different directions that would open new doors for many different topics for writing. I would also catch more mistakes as I would write in free hand because I have to read it when I go to type in. I can also get more details when I long hand since I use bullet points then I can expand into larger sentences when I type the essay. Lastly having assigned readings would also help me put my phone down because I knew if I didn’t read then I wouldn’t be able to do good if we had a random quiz. Some might say using electronics is better than using other techniques but it really just opens your mind up to other things rather than a 6” screen.

In English 131 this semester writing long hand has helped me start to become a better writer. I’ve never been well at writing throughout my life but I know for a fact that the course has made me better. Writing long hand has helped be able to correct my work, think faster in a shorter amount of time, and not get as frustrated when writing papers as much. When I’m writing rather than typing it’s at a slower pace so therefore I have to go slower and will catch more errors when I’m writing. Also, I feel like when it’s on a screen my brain actually skips over it and corrects it without me even thinking about it. With long hand, I can catch the mistakes rather quickly and easily. When we write long hand, it takes a lot more time and we have a shorter amount of time. A huge part of my problem was not thinking fast enough. I would think and think then I would realize that I’m thinking of a completely different topic and would have to re think it all again. The beginning of the semester was a below average thinker. I don’t have ADHD, it’s just I couldn’t concentrate and never wrote long hand much so I never did a lot of thinking in a short amount of time. I would say near the end of the semester of writing long hand, writing monthly letters, and planning drafts it has truly helped me become a faster thinker. In the article of Have smartphones destroyed a generation, Jean Twenge says “Around 2012, I noticed abrupt shifts in teen behaviors and emotional states” (Twenge.) I think that phones and electronics can be some of the aggravating and frustrating things and I could actually see why Twenge said that about behaviors getting worse. My most happy times are when im not near my phone and I’m hunting or fishing. It feels like you can just escape from the world and nothing can go wrong. Being on electronics makes me super frustrated. When I’m typing papers, I get extremely frustrated because of all the errors I can catch when I’m typing.

Wring long hand has opened up many ways to expand my work into a longer essay because of detail. I like to use bullet points when I’m writing long hand so I can put down one word and then have a few bullet points underneath and that can quickly turn into a large essay. I love excerpt one from The Blind Sidebecause Michael Lewis goes into such great detail about how a lineman has to protect his man from getting sacked. He makes three seconds seem like an eternity. “Two Mississippi: Theismann searches for a receiver but instead sees Harry Carson coming straight at him. It’s a running down—the start of the second quarter, first and 10 at midfield, with the score tied 7–7—and the New York Giants’ linebacker has been so completely suckered by the fake that he’s deep in the Redskins’ backfield. Carson thinks he’s come to tackle Riggins but Riggins is long gone, so Carson just keeps running, toward Theismann. Three Mississippi:” (Lewis chapter one.) English 131 has taught me that writing like this will expand my one page decent essay into an excellent three-page essay. If I can think of more bullets just like an annotated bibliography, I can create a larger essay even if I don’t use all the points.

Lastly, the readings in English 131 of Serafina and the Black Cloak and Swing Timehelped me get away from the screen and helped me start reading. I didn’t enjoy Swing Time as much but I really like the Black Cloak. I like the Black Cloak better because it had a lot of suspense and action based chapters. It sent a mystery the whole time if Serafina was ever going to get caught or not. Reading helped learn new ways of reading and studying as well.

Screen time is not always useful and English 131 has truly taught me that. I always thought that being behind the screen was always the answer and the best way to do things. However, long hand helped me become a better thinker, better writer with detail, and a better reader. I will carry the skills and traits that I learned in English 131 for the rest of my life.

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Snow day written by Billy Collins offers a wide variety of options to choose from. It shows the life of a little kid waking up to look outside and see snow covering the ground. As he looks out the window he sees the children playing but couldn’t this just be a parent looking outside imagining the were a kid again?


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Zadie Smith’s novel, is a 1stperson narrative about a young enthusiastic dance girl and her journey growing up throughout the book. The book jumps from adult hood to child hood but quickly opens up to a drama filled novel. The 2 friends that the narrator have is the source of the drama with one of which being the boss.


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Jean Twenge’s article about smart phones talks about how kids just don’t go outside like the used to anymore. They stay on their phones all day and many of us honestly do the same thing. It’s easier to look play on our phones and watch a video all day rather than going outside and enjoying the outdoors.





Swing Time

Swing Time by Zadie Smith, is a timeline based novel about a young ladies journey through dance. Throughout the book the narrator jumps back and forth from her childhood to adulthood. Her dream as a kid is to work for Aimee, a famous dancer/singer, and she fulfils that dream until making a mistake. The mistake betrays Aimee and ends up costing her the job. Many might not see the betrayal within the narrative however, it is indeed a circle of betrayal.

Betrayal is a huge part of the novel. Aimee, Tracey, and narrator act like they are in a war of betrayal against each other. One will have a boyfriend and the other will sleep with him and it just continues to go around. The narrator betrays Aimee when another co-worker finds out about the narrator and Aimee’s boyfriend Lamin. The coworker is extremely jealous because he has feelings and connections to the narrator. When he tells Aimee about the narrator sleeping with Lamin, Aimee becomes furious and fires the narrator from her job of working with Aimee.

A completely different kind of betrayal that happened in the book is the dance video. In the video tracey and the narrator are dancing like Aimee when they were kids. They had a friends moms revealing clothes on and was videoing themselves in front of other people. The friends mom caught them however, Tracey grabbed the tape before they found it. When in London, Tracey releases the video. It doesn’t seem like much of betrayal but it would be embarrassing on her part considering she works for the lady that she was dancing to as a kid. Since its online anyone and everyone can see it.

Tracey betrays quite often and i think it’s because she is jealous of the narrator. Tracey is overweight with 3 kids in the end of the book. Tracey betrays the narrator a different time when she sent the narrator a letter about her father. The narrator is sitting in front of her father when she opens this letter from tracey which is once again, embarrassing. The letter goes on and on about how she saw her father having sex with a blow up doll. “There she saw my father, naked on top of something, moving up and down, and at first she had naturally thought it was a woman, and if it had been a woman, or so she assured me, then she never would have mentioned it, it was none of her business or mine, but the fact was it was not a woman at all, it was a doll, human-sized, but inflated, and of very dark complexion-”like a golliwog” she wrote- with a crescent of synthetic lambs-wool hair and a huge pair of bright red lips, red as blood. At this point in the book Tracey is just trying to find every possible way to embarrass, betray and be a terrible friend to the narrator.

In conclusion, it’s not a complete book about betrayal and you could still say it has good friendships and relationships however, every friendship and relationship had some sort of betrayal in them. It had a lot of drama within it usually portraying the narrator because how would she know about the drama and betrayal of other people if it doesn’t have to do with her. The narrator seemed like she was at a downhill slide near the end of the book with getting fired, losing a good friend over betrayal, and then her mother. She seemed to fight through every bit.


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Fly Fishing

When I was in 10th grade of high school, I started fly fishing for trout. Fly fishing has opened many doors for me and actually landed me a job at Dicks Sporting Goods in Hickory, North Carolina. It has made me very good friends over the years and all of my best friends actually fly fish as well. In the past year, I have started competing in a variety of competitions. They vary from competing against some guys off of Team U.S.A. all the way to charity competitions. Meeting new people and learning new things is what made me love the sport even more.